Care by Design understands the fundamentals of organisational development, service management and leadership for the 21st century public sector organisation and communities.

Development Programmes

The following development programmes available from Care by Design.

Efficacious Healthcare

Developing ‘intelligent’ commissioners and ‘intelligent’ providers is a customisable development programme that enables significant service redesign through shared learning.

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Developing Experts into Leaders

Developing Experts into Leaders is a customisable development programme that helps clinical and functional experts become effective leaders and managers with the NHS.

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Pulling Together

Pulling Together is a large-scale change intervention. It brings together key stakeholder groups, ideally who have the power to make decisions, in one locality and uses a range of large-scale group intervention techniques to create understanding, alignment and shared agreement between those groups to drive forward integrated and impactful patient care in a geographical area. 

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Strategic Top Teams

Genuinely strategic top teams are rare. The reason they are rare is that there are three fundamental challenges for a top team:

  1. Working as a strategic board
  2. Being effective individual leaders within the organisation
  3. Working as a high performing team.

Strategic Top Team events help top teams to meet these challenges.

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Comments from previous workshop attendees

‘Excellent thought-provoking day’

‘Excellent facilitation that encouraged useful and respectful discussion’                                    

Published 26th November 2018