Care by Design understands the fundamentals of organisational development, service management and leadership for the 21st century public sector organisation and communities.

About Us

Care by Design has the skills, knowledge and experience to work with health, social care, third and private sector organisations and service users themselves to design and redesign care, create self-management approaches and achieve sustainable health and quality of life improvement.

The organisation can work at a strategic level, helping organisations assess their local priorities and make high-level plans as well as at a practical, implementation level, making the plan happen.

Angie Nisbet - Managing Director

Angie is a clinician turned organisational development specialist skilled in developing NHS leaders to enable them to lead successful change and service redesign. Angie is passionate about helping teams, organisations and health and social care communities understand the patient journey and experience and supporting them to make dramatic service improvements quickly and efficiently. PRINCE2 qualified and skilled in applying service improvement and transformation techniques including LEAN methodology, Angie uses her coaching skills and Action Learning approach to enable others to do the same.

The 5 Key Skills of the Company

  • The ability to help organisations see their system from a service user – the customer – perspective or outside in
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of designing and redesigning services
  • Highly developed organisational development skills to create cultures for desired results
  • The ability to bring people and organisations together to co-design services
  • Highly developed skills and experience at managing potential barriers to implementation

Statement of Values and Diversity

Everything we do is aimed at improving services for the people who use and work in them. Our work is driven by our clients’ needs and supports and enables the delivery of their goals and objectives. Co-operation, teamwork and mutual respect are essential to our success.

Company Associates

  • Vicky Lyn Davison
  • Jeanette Hucey
  • Mark Jennings
  • Adrian Spurrel
  • Marie Sedgwick
  • Kate Thomson
  • Sue Walters
  • Jenny Hill
  • Stephanie McCarhty

Published 26th November 2018