Care by Design understands the fundamentals of organisational development, service management and leadership for the 21st century public sector organisation and communities.

Delivering Public Sector Services Fit for the 21st Century

Care by Design understands the fundamentals of organisational development, service management and leadership for the 21st Century public sector organisation and communities.

Why is it that the majority of people are always surprised by the fact that our traditional approaches to managing public sector services don’t work? Yes, they are politically charged services but that should not mean that local leadership cannot make these services excel and exceed political expectations.

The key is in creating a paradigm shift in the thinking of managers within the system. Managers have to understand and live the two basic principles of managing and improving the system and leading and empowering the people who work within it.


  • 94% of problems are system (process) problems
  • 6% of problems are to do with the individual

Learning Organisations understand the need to take informed creative risks in terms of improvement ideas that are systematically tested and if successful, implemented more widely and if feedback loops say the idea didn’t work they try something else, but they keep trying – keep improving.

These organisations embrace the concept of ‘no such thing as failure – only feedback’.

Traditional management and corporate governance tend to fear risk-taking and stifle innovation as a result – without rigorous testing and experimentation organisations become stagnant and actually more of a risk in the long term.

‘Failure is just an opportunity to do it again – only more intelligently.’ Henry Ford

Care by Design will help free organisations from the fear of risk-taking becoming rapidly learning and improving organisations with a greater sense of motivation and energy from all who work within them.

A Simpler NHS

We Brits love the NHS – almost unconditionally. Now more than ever it is in crisis from threats of restructuring, efficiency and the ever-looming privatisation. More money would always be welcome, though some frontline staff think there’s another way. To embrace Simplicity. To change the culture. To value our people. To make it work.

If like us, you love the NHS and want to see it not only survive but thrive, read this book.

Where else have you seen doctors and managers act together with one message? It only takes a few to question the status quo.

One chapter tells of change is inevitable, so we should harness it. It talks of pints of process and gallons of passion. It slams the culture of three-letter acronyms (3LAs), of measuring everything. It looks at actually finding out what the patient’s goals are not just providing generic care plans according to diagnosis.

Read it. You might just see sparks of a new beginning in NHS culture. Part of the community, not run for the benefit of the ‘system’.

“Highly Recommended—easy to read and understand. Keep It Simple.”

Published 28th November 2018