Care by Design understands the fundamentals of organisational development, service management and leadership for the 21st century public sector organisation and communities.


A definition of Coaching:

“Coaching is about performing at your best through the individual and private assistance of someone who will challenge, stimulate and guide you to keep growing.”  Gerard O’Donovan 

What the papers say…

“Coaches act as a mirror; helping people to work out what they want, what they are good at, what they are bad at, where and how they can improve.” Financial Times

Coaching from Care by Design

Care by Design seeks to impart the knowledge and skills to organisations so they can facilitate successful change and service improvement for themselves. To enable this, a coaching approach is a key part of the company’s tailored support with organisations.

Organisations and teams are coached through the emotional transition of the process. They are empowered to manage the creative tensions both in terms of delivering the service today and moving to the improved one for the future. This is the key to sustainable improvement and creating joy and pride in work.

Care by Design is skilled in evoking and building a dialogue of cooperation between professionals especially service professionals and managers who generally want the same thing. Both groups seek improved services for those who receive them, but often lack the skills and insights to build the rapport and common understanding to achieve the end result.

Standard management programmes focus on ‘motivation’ – motivating teams, motivating individuals. The greatest arrogance of the 21st Century management is to believe that they can motivate people – carrot or stick (the carrot always wins!). It is easier to demotivate people working with poor dysfunctional systems.

Care by Design enables organisations and teams to discover and release the natural intrinsic motivation of people coaching them in Managing the System and Leading the People.

Care by Design additionally offers coaching to individuals who want to achieve outstanding results in both work and personal lives.

Sensei – meaning ‘one who has gone before and knows the way’ is often used now to reflect the nature of the coaching process of imparting knowledge to, and creating the capacity for own growth and potential.

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Published 26th November 2018