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Next Stage Review

The recent unveiling of the Next Stage Review and launch of the NHS constitution consultation marks a significant point in the history of the NHS. We must applaude Lord Darzi for the sterling work that he has led over the past 12 months, engaging clinicians at SHA level in the development of a review that reflects local vision for service development and improvement whilst at the same time managing a clinical workload and life in the House of Lords.

At last a clear message of more voice and choice for clinicians in really making services effective and high quality for the local people they serve. Perhaps these services would still benefit as the bank of England did in being taken out of the political arena just to protect them from further potential political interference should we have a change of government. 

This is truly an exiting time with more emphasis on good clinical leadership and creating the ‘culture’ to deliver 21st century healthcare. So what is good leadership? Good leadership is about developing skills and principles. Principles that build trust and demonstrate authenticity and create belief to want to do something differently – this leads to culture change. Culture is the behaviours that prevade our organisations. 

Good leadership starts with self management, integrity, a clear vison for improved patient experience and managing the systems within which care is delivered to deliver improved patient experience.

Published 1st November 2018