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Establish SEPSIS as a medical emergency and a clinical priority for the NHS

Sepsis is under-appreciated and under-recognized. It is a disease process which can affect people of any age, including people who are normally well. It claims more lives than lung cancer, and more lives than breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer combined, yet less than 30% of people have heard of it and over 80% of doctors are not confident in diagnosing it. If you (or a loved one) developed severe sepsis, you would have around a 40% risk of dying.
Sepsis can arise in the community from infection arising from a huge variety of sources, from a minor injury or bite from a pet through a simple sore throat or water infection to conditions more commonly recognised as serious such as pneumonia.
The recognition of sepsis is a problem for healthcare workers worldwide, including in the United Kingdom and other western countries such as the U.S. Media and political attention is diverted to other worthy causes such as heart attacks, cancer and stroke. Research shows that simple interventions- such as giving IV antibiotics and fluids in the first hour- can reduce the risk of death by over one-third, yet international guidelines representing these interventions are delivered to fewer than one in 8 patients in the NHS
There is no reliable way to prevent sepsis, and no vaccine. The key to saving lives lies in early recognition and immediate treatment. Patients and their relatives have a part to play in this. If a person has more than one of a very high (or very low) temperature, a racing heart beat, rapid breathing, or is confused then they may have sepsis and should seek medical attention. If any of these features exist and the skin is cool, pale or mottled, the patient has lost consciousness or has not passed water for more than 12 hours then the patient needs to be taken to hospital as soon as possible. The Global Sepsis Alliance and United Kingdom Sepsis Group are calling for sepsis to be recognized as the medical emergency it is. We need to engage the public in this.

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Published 1st November 2018