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Dear colleagues

Over the next few weeks I will start to write my observations on the current climate surrounding and impacting on public services particularly since the recent political party conferences.

One thing that saddens me is how much both sides continue to make a football game out of public sector services. I know they are publicly funded; however the people working within them need some constancy of message and more voice and choice in really making services effective and high quality for the local people they serve.

Perhaps these services would benefit as the bank of England did in being taken out of the political arena.

I am particularly interested in the health debate at the moment and the need for managing the system differently and a great focus on leadership skills. There is so much more to leadership than skill, there are principles too. Principles that build trust and demonstrate authenticity and creates belief to want to do something differently. 

So many people in our services are change weary and bruised by the constant restructuring, well at least it is said there will be no more of the latter for a long time to come. Restructuring only creates an illusion of improvement and so many key skills and organisational memory gets lost along the way.

I am fascinated by the number of wonderful people there are in public sector services with huge capability that we do not tap into for all sorts of reasons, this we have to change, and soon.

Published 1st November 2018